I was born in Klaipeda, Lithuania in 1987, & grew up in a privileged natural world. Seeing beautiful surroundings such as forests & seashores made me very fond of nature in all its various forms. I studied arts in E. Balsys Gymnasium of Arts & Architecture at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Whilst I felt very complete in these pursuits I have always been drawn to psychology because of a fascination of how thoughts can become sound, image or poetry.

These ideas eventually lead me into the realm of art therapy, including other therapeutic forms of art. Many people seek outward highs to ignore their own inner light whilst I delve into healing vibes which can bring us more into a state of being aware of the preciousness of life through awakening of consciousness.

My works of art are as diverse as nature itself. Sometimes my paintings represent vibrant energy expressing life in different colours whilst other pictures can be more serene & saintly, embodying a saintly patience & embracing solitude.

I have a special joy in drawing people. When I draw people, I see them as pure source not having completed their mission. In their natural fragility I find God with all diverse colours. Painting is a very silent & humble form of art. It is a medium for cultivating the angles of vision, sensation & thinking, stopping & experiencing silence, meditation – especially gratitude. But the most important thing to me is communication. After every work I paint, I have a conversation with my clients.

We take a moment in time to stop & converse. Experience. The essence of life itself.

  • Once in summer time

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